Unique technology. Winning the gold medal of the Salon des Inventions of Geneva 2004.

The adjustable mattress Harlequin is a revolutionary product that offers each sleeper a new way to sleep. The technology is fully adjustable and hidden inside the mattress, requires no heavy steel structure under . The mattress can be supported by any kind of bed frame, no need to change your bedroom furniture. The mattress is divided by itself and allows you to adjust the head and foot of the mattress at different angles. Customize your comfort for reading, watching TV, working on your laptop or just relax.

Adjustable technology of our collection Harlequin PAT holds a worldwide patent PCT WO 2005 117656 A1, U.S. 7, 690, 060 B2, our European partners in collaboration with Laurier Bedding offer North American consumers an outstanding collection of adjustable mattresses.

Experience the feeling ZERO GRAVITY, all models of the adjustable mattress collection Harlequin, offer the possibility to adjust the head and foot of the mattress at the optimum angle for each sleeper, allowing you to discover your position ZERO GRAVITY. This position offers a floating sensation  to increased blood circulation, avoiding unpleasant pressure points and heaviness that hinder a good night sleep, in addition to solve back problems, respiratory, severe fatigue in the legs

                                                                                                              Version 100% Talalay Latex

Our Talalay Latex breathes through millions of micro-cells that allow an interleaved perfect circulation of air. The added value Celsion absorbs the thermal energy released by the body and cools it if to warm and warms it if to cold. On hygiene, our Talalay Latex has antibacterial properties, anti germ and anti fungicides unique and make it hypoallergenic.

                                                                                 Version Memory Foam Micro-Encapsulation

Memory foam is a molecular structure that is sensitive to body heat. The heat allows the memory foam to adjust perfectly to your body. This symbiosis minimizes pressure points and provides comfort. Micro-encapsulation technology fluid absorbing thermal energy and storing a large amount of energy, constantly maintains its own temperature. You will know more feel this unpleasant sensation of heat that affects your sleep. This technology interacts with the human body to regulate temperature and create an ideal microclimate. All our foams undergo a process of cooking soy, reducing the petrochemical content normally used in conventional polyurethane foam. In addition, we meet the Canadian standard of Zero emanation.